H.M.'s Profile

                     Headmaster’s Profile

Name                                   :  Gotteti Ravi

Designation                           : Headmaster (S.A. Bio-Sc.)

School Address                     :  M.P.U.P.School, YENDADA, Chinagadili Mandal,

                                               Visakhapatnam – 530045.                                                

Qualifications                        :  B.Sc., M.A., M.Ed.,

Date of Joining in service       :  27.02.1990

Date of Birth                          :  01.05.1967

Schools served                 :  MPP School, S.Chenulapalem, Devarapalli Md.

                                           :  MPP School, Anthakapalli, Sabbavaram Md.

                                           :  Z.P.High School, Gandhavaram, Padmanabham Md. 

Awards                            :            A.P. State Best Teacher Award 2014

                                                    Dist. Level Best Teacher 2002 & 2012

He is efficient in teaching by applying various methods like play way, activity based, conducting experiments etc., He is an artist and draws a good number of pictures and also prepare good number of models according to the class room situation for effective teaching. He is efficient in Work Experience and he is teaching the vocational trades, computer, photography and videography  to the children which may help them to improve the culture of “Dignity of Labor” and usage of techno. The teacher has very good relation with the children, teachers which caused the improvement of the School.He thought it that is only possible to provide better education to the children through ICT (uses of computers). Then he approached the authorities to supply the 5-6 computers for teaching and learning purpose.   school have been supplied 5 computers by RVM (S.S.A.), A.P. Hyd., in March 2010.  Then he and his team members (co-teachers) decided to utilize the computers in full pledged. ·     He also opened a website (blog) for our school (www.mpups.webnode.com) to connect the government school to the world. He works for mobilizing the community for a broad development of the school with the co-operation of parents and villagers having good relation with them. In this school the entire part of play ground, water is going to be stagnated and the children are facing a lot of problem and also danger. it turns in to like a small pound in the school to solve this problem he went the Elders of the village and explain the problem and mobilize the community. They respond immediately with his word and arrange 70 lorry loads of soil and over fill the ground. Now the children are played in it. This is the first major task done by him in MPUPS, Yendada. 

                He also good in guiding S.M.C. for achieving 100% enrollment.  He organizes National Festivals like Independence Day, republic day and festivals like Children Day, Anniversary Day, Science Day etc,.  He organizes the Birthdays of National Leaders, Eminent Personalities and scientists in school.  He organized celebrations in connection with Rajiv Vidya Mission, Badi Bata, Phatanotsavam, AMC meetings by conducting rallies and organizing play lets, dances and street plays, songs and other cultural activities. He participated in good number of training programmesAnd also acted as a Resource Person in giving training to the teachers on various concepts in SSA Project.  He acted as a State Resource Person in Adolescence Education Programme and NGC Programme during  2007-2009. 

                The School ground of Yendada is in very low level. The students and teachers felt very inconvenient due to the stagnation of heavy water in the ground during the rain. This was the problem of decade.  The Headmaster motivated the elders of the village and level the ground by the more than 100 loads of Lorries of sand. Ramalayam committee and the elders of villagers spent Rs.1,20,000/- for this effort.

                Recently he got a Doner who is residing nearby village of the school towards the development of school building, infrastructure, laboratory etc., worth of Rs. 25,00,000/- in ‘Sweekaram’ project and laid a stone in the month of July 2010. It is the one of the Major task achieved by him within a span of short time in the school.

                He motivated villagers and other doners and  construced KALA VEDIKA (School Stage) worth of  1.30 lac  He procured Desk benches for children from Rotary Club and other doners