Effect of Hudhud on our School

30/10/2014 14:13

Our School M.P.U.P.School, YENDADAof Chinagadili Mandal  is deeply affected by the Hudhud cyclone on 12th October 2014. The details of damages in our school are as given below.

1.       Newly constructed STAGE’s top is completed demolished.( Worth of Rs.20,000/-)

2.       Compound wall of north side is collapsed (worth of Rs. 40,000/-).

There is no privacy to girls toilets at present.  

3.       Class room’s window(15no.)  doors cracked and removed  (worth of Rs. 10,000/-).

4.       Over head tank pipelines damaged ( worth of Rs. 2,000/-)

5.       R.O.T.(Mana TV) dish fully damaged ( worth of Rs. 6,000/-)

6.       MDM rice of 4 bags (200kgs.) damaged by water

7.       School name boards and other school publicity boards (worth of 3,000/-)

8.       Nearly  30 trees and plants are collapsed.